Getting Here

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Good Times Surf Shop is located in San Juan del Sur, in the Rivas department, bordering Costa Rica. Once in town, we are very easy to find because the shop is in the very center of town.

Please contact us to recommend the best travel option for you. We work with We have inexpensive private shuttles run by friendly and welcoming San Juan natives. *

Driving by yourself is not recommended. It’s not necessarily unsafe, but it’s just not worth the various hassles. Leave the stress to a professional driver and enjoy the scenery. It will almost always come out to be cheaper and more enjoyable.

If you do decide to drive, drive carefully, and obey traffic laws. If you get stopped by the police, you should be able to resolve any issues for less than $10.

From Managua Airport:

If you are coming in late at night, I recommend that you either stay the night in Managua or in nearby Laguna de Apoyo in Hotel Selvazul. The next morning you will wake up refreshed and ready to enjoy your trip. However, it is possible get a late-night shuttle to San Juan.

If you are arriving during the day, you may book a shuttle directly to San Juan del Sur, or stop for some convenient sightseeing on the way in Catarina or Granada, great places to eat lunch.

I don’t recommend renting a car unless you are very familiar with the area.

From Costa Rica:

If you are traveling by bus line, there is no reason to coninue on to Rivas, as it will only take you out of the way. The easiest way to get to San Juan del Sur is to agree on a price at the border with the very first taxi driver that you see. Then ask him to please make sure nobody else hassles you for taxi service. $20-$25 is a reasonable price.

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