Surf Tours

In San Juan del Sur we have a lot of good breaks where we can take you to go surfing. Some are really close and accessible by car/truck. Others are more convenient to reach by boat. We also offer multi-day tours to other areas. We have surf tours appropriate for all budgets and levels of surfing.


Day Tours by Car

getting to the beach_0The day tours go to Remanso Beach, Playa Maderas, Playa Yankee, and Playa Hermosa,and even some secret spots. Your driver is also a surf guide and surf instructor, so you will not be on your own. These surf breaks are all distinctly different from each other. We have tours for all levels, including for non-surfers. Prices start at just $5 per person. Most of these locations now have restaurants and services at the beach.

Day Tours by Boat

peopleonboatThere is really nothing like being out on the open water, or surfing in front of a virgin beach with no one else around. Then relax and drink Nicaraguan rum, eat fresh fruit, and smoke a Nicaraguan puro on our spacious, covered boat. This is of course also your best chance to see marine wildlife such as whales, dolphins, and sea-turtles, which often mate just past the surf break. We do the best trips, picking you up straight from the beach in San Juan, right in front of the shop without wasting any time at the port. If you surf, this trip is a must. Fishing gear is also included and we often catch table food.

Boat Trip #1

Digital imageHalf-day trip. Surf breaks south of San Juan del Sur
On this tour we visit any or all of the breaks south of San Juan del Sur. This tour is less expensive and more appropriate for beginner/intermediate surfers, unless the swell is really pumping.
Prices – $25 per person, $125 minimum. Includes fresh fruit and rum & coke on the way back.

Boat Trip #2

Full-day trip. Surf breaks north of San Juan del Sur. This is a longer trip that goes all the way up to the deep-water break of Panga Drops and the world-class barrels of Playa Colorado and Manzanillo. Anyone can go on this trip, just as long as you don’t complain if the waves are out of your league. On the way back we always pass by Playa Maderas, which is the most consistent surf break in Nicaragua, so you will never get skunked on this trip.
Prices – $40 per person, $220 minimum
Includes fresh fruit snaks, lunch, and rum & coke on the way back.


Overnight/Surfari Tours

Popoyo Tour

This my favorite tour because we go to really cool places with great waves. This tour is great if you want to see the countryside, relax, and surf a lot. We can usually accommodate all levels of surfers because we are mobile and there are many good breaks around. Popoyo is a set of reefs, with a fast, hardcore outer reef and a slow point break on the inside. There is a beach break nearby too. Santana is a fun, punchy, tubular wave. And there are others that I don’t like to mention online but we can go there too. Surfing is just part of it. We can take you to the hot springs, to the fish market in Astillero, Chacocente National Park, or to the country disco if it is Saturday. Boat trips out of Astillero available at an extra cost.

Two Days, One Night – $30 per person, $120 minimum, not including meals or accommodation
Three Days, Two Nights – $40 per person, $160 minimum not including meals or accommodation
(Expect to spend >$8 per night accommodation and $5 per meal)

Freesurf Tour

IM00This is perhaps the best deal of all. We can take you to any surf break or point of interest in Nicaragua, whether it be to go canyoning in Somoto, volcano-boarding in Leon, hiking in Matagalpa, or surfing the “boom” in Chinendega. Our tour guides speak English and are highly knowledgeable about Nicaragua and surfing, with contacts all over the country. A fully customizeable, no-hassle, guided tour, for the same price as a rental car is a deal you can’t beat. Let us take care of everything for you.

Prices – $80 per day plus fuel, not including meals or accommodation. No additional fee for airport pickup.

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